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Welcome to WKMO

All martial arts are an exceptional self-defense tool and a modern sport. Martial arts are based on ancient wisdom and, therefore, contain deep ethical and moral messages that WKMO wants to pass on.
WKMO strongly believes that all martial arts therefore represent one of the highest expression of human art, and deserve a recognition as patrimony of humanity. Due to their capability of fuse wellness, meditation, philosophy and sport they can be practiced by everyone at every age in every place, helping people to feel each others as brothers in the art and stimulating cooperation, empaty and integration.
WKMO has been established with the aim of bringing together, with equal dignity, all the organizations that recognize the values above and want to be part of a larger and more united family.

This new and big project requires a structured organization that will be made up of various world and continental commissions that will interface with the national federations.
WKMO is now focusing on the World Cups, Continental and World Championship, Technical Seminars, Referee Courses and so on.
Head's welcome
This is a moment of change! Let's take the first step towards a new exciting story that we will build together.
“Be strong to be useful!”
2023 - 01 - WKMO - Traditional bulletin
WKMO Tournament Rules - July 2021
WKMO Circular #4/2021
WKMO Circular #3/2021
WKMO Circular #2/2021
WKMO Circular #1/2021
Karate is an ancient martial art whose origins date back over one thousand years. Karate can trace its roots to the Chinese Shao Lin fighting art. The Shao Lin style arose from the training methods introduced by Dharma at the Shao Lin monastery.
Martial Arts represent one of the highest expression of Human Art
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