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About Us

WKMO is a non-profit association headed in Lugano, Switzerland.

WKMO aim is to include all martial arts practiced in every style in all the world. The new association will be the home for all those who believe in the fundamental right of human beings to practice, grow, help, protect and compete. WKMO will undertake, through modern teaching aimed at an effectiveness based approach, to preserve, pass on and cultivate the traditional values ​​of martial arts.

WKMO will act in full compliance with the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, the basis of international human rights law. The UDHR will be the guideline of WKMO to propose and apply a universal didactic technical direction that suits the needs of modern man and with the respect and protection of each individual.

All martial arts are an exceptional self-defense tool and a modern sport. Martial arts are based on ancient wisdom and, therefore, contain deep ethical and moral messages that WKMO wants to pass on.
WKMO strongly believes that all martial arts therefore represent one of the highest expression of human art, and deserve a recognition as patrimony of humanity. Due to their capability of fuse wellness, meditation, philosophy and sport they can be practiced by everyone at every age in every place, helping people to feel each others as brothers in the art and stimulating cooperation, empaty and integration.

WKMO was created with the aim of bringing together, with equal dignity, all organizations that recognize the values ​​indicated above and want to be part of a larger and more united family.

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