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Traditional Okinawa Karate Seminar

Traditional Okinawa Karate Online Seminar 2021 by Hanshi Alberto Presincula - Dojo Australia (Strictly Shido Kan and Shorin Ryu)

Host: Hanshi Alberto Presincula (Australia) (over 68 years of experience) Date: Sunday 18tH APRIL 2021 Time: 800 PM (Australia EST) to join us in Zoom Link or details below


Meeting ID: 876 0083 3469 Passcode: 2n2Gq9

Seminar description - for new, current or advanced students, who would require improvement, enhance your skills, and an understanding with your training style techniques in the following..

> Kihon Kata > Correction Advance Kata > Understanding of Basic Blocking

Please register your interest: Facebook Page: Hanshi Alberto Seminar 2021 via messenger or add your interest via this FB event page


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