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FESIK National Seminar

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Dear friends,

The national technical seminar in Gaeta has just ended and the FESIK Federal Council thanks you for your participation. 7 months passed since the last event organized in Montecatini Terme, since the course for the Officials Referee and the meeting of the National Team and the Youth Representative.

We finally had the opportunity to meet again and even if this emergency situation does not seem to end in a short time, no one can take away the emotions we have experienced in these days.

A heartfelt thanks to our teachers Pierangelo Serra, Lido Lombardi, Pietro Dall'Olmo, Aurelio Verde and Roberto Piccini.

Thanks to our federal consultants Ilio Semino and Sei Iwasa and to the President of WKMO, Paolo Bolaffio, one of the world's greatest Karate experts, far beyond his own style ...

Thanks to Ludovico Ciccarelli, with whom I shared many emotions in the past with the national team.

Thanks for the presence to my friend Gianfranco Scarpantoni, former Federal Councilor of Fesik at the beginning of the 90s and whom I saw again with great pleasure.

Thanks to M ° Augusto Basile, historical figure of Italian and world karate.

Thanks to Lotti Andrea and Luigi Arnone for the always precious organizational contribution.

Thanks to all of you who make our federation great!

Sean Henke

Gaeta Fesik


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