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National Seminar in Gaeta (Italy)

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

The beautiful national FESIK seminar in Gaeta 2020 is over.

This event always marks the beginning of the academic season for all of us and never as this year we clearly felt a feeling of belonging, of fraternity and joy for the successes that have become of all of us.

A group, a sports federation, a history made up of hundreds of events, great moments and unforgettable emotions.

Thanks to Fesik for being what it is, a family and a federation made up of true, great friends.

I spend the last words of this short message for my President, my friend Sean Henke, thank you very much Sean, time passes and the feeling of friendship and respect I feel for you grows.

A hug to you (one to the beautiful Katy) and a hug to all of us.


Paolo Bolaffio


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