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International Martial Arts Summer Camp 2022

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

The appointment with the International Martial Arts Seminar in Bohinj (Slo) is approaching.

The seminar will be held by Master Paolo Bolaffio 9 DAN in English and Italian.

For more information and registration visit the following link: Summer camp 2022

Seminar will be held in presence and also Live online and for overseas Deferred online.


QI GONG: DA WU - health cultivation QiGong. Originates from the Tang Yao period (about 4,000 years ago) is a health preservation method that renews and tones the joints and the organs.

KARATE: DAIPPO no KATA - one of the most important Kata of Makotokai which encompasses many unique principles. New updated version 2022.

TAIJIQUAN: 慵懶系大衣 “The tight coat” - method and study of the interior space.

BAGUAZHANG: TANG studies - the ancient fundamental technical sequences of our Baguazhang lineage school.


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