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Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kwa Chang, and Xing Yi: these three disciplines together form Neijia, internal martial arts. These disciplines are proven and tested to be excellent for both combat and health. Neijia brings you the traditional knowledge of warriors, unveiling their secrets. There are no shortcuts, just knowledge and the skills that will enable you to build and use your bodie from within. Remember, internal is much more powerful than external.  

Neijia is the house of the internal Chinese and Taoist styles. The internal styles are Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kwa Chang, and Xing Yi. Neijia is a term in Chinese martial arts that combines the styles that practice the Neiijing, and is usually translated as Internal Martial Arts. It derives more from a spiritual, mental, or Qi force, rather than the physical aspects that are more important in the external approach to martial arts. This distinction comes from the 17th century and is based on writings by Shifu Sun Lutang. Neijia teaches its practitioners to use their bodies from within, thus becoming strong and flexible “tools”.


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