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Krav Magen is an Israeli martial art that coming directly from Krav Maga and has been accepted by the Ministry of Education, the IDF - Israel Defense Force, the Police and the "Na'amat" (Women's Organization) as well as being recognized among the best in the world by industry experts.

The technique is based on natural body movements and excels in simplicity, speed and efficiency. The first part of the method, defined as self-defense, develops the ability to defend against violent attacks and is literally designed for unconditional use by men, women, children or even people over the years. The second part of the method, called Krav Magen (Defensive Combat) aims to train people who have to face hand-to-hand combat in the performance of their work, whether they are armed or not.

Krav Magen also scrupulously deepens the psychological aspects, which are very relevant to be able to put a person in the physical and mental condition to defend himself adequately in critical situations. In particular, the structure of the method stimulates an increase in self-confidence, therefore courage, calm, self-discipline, self-control and therefore awareness in preventing or facing dangerous situations in consideration and in compliance with the laws on Personal Defense and Legitimate Defense, with a positive response also in life in general.

Krav Magen

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